Sale and rental of terminal trucks

Since our start in 1990, we are also active with terminal trucks, therefore we have built up a vast knowledge.

Each terminal truck is unique and therefore not always suitable for your purposes.

In our workshop we provide customized work to adjust the terminal truck to the task that it has to carry.
Moreover, we ourselves take care of all refurbishments in the workshop, including engines and gearboxes, which has a very beneficial effect at the final price.
The terminal truck is repaired in such a way, that with proper maintenance it can do its work for years without problems.

When it turns out that something is not working properly afterwards, you can always fall back on our 3 months warranty (only for the Netherlands and Belgium).
With our mobile service we can quickly respond.

We can also help you with rental of terminal trucks.
You can thereby opting for long or short term.
Ask for our lucrative rates, which depend on the number of operating hours per day and your purposes.

For further personal advice you can always contact us.